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Jan 26, 2008

Role of Media in Combating Terrorism

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By P. Neelakantha Achary

This is the era of media; anything happens around the world the information reaches us in fractions of seconds or in minutes. All are well informed about the current burning news stories. Nobody can taboo you from being well informed. The news channels are the major source of getting information about the news. On the other hand, the web community is also not legging behind in disseminating the news. Just one click gives us the full details of any incident and its backgrounders. The geographical distinction is not a barrier, how far your does not matter, the news reaches in minutes. Of late, bomb explosion, terrorist attack, such stories fall under common news stories categories as the world is facing the terrorist activities. The terrorism is everywhere now. All most all countries are facing the threat of terrorist activities. After the 9/11 attack the terrorism has shown its global face. Globally, the media has been successful in tracking major stories for decades. It may be the 9/11 attack or the sad demises of great leaders, media has been at its great role in covering the news prominently. The impact of the media is very high on every one including children. Children are much aware about the terrorist activists and it’s the role of media and the impact of news on the society.

Media could be the other way to combat terrorism by educating people about the terrorist groups. People are getting information, they watch television, listen radio, access the Internet, and if the media would made coverage against the terrorist activists then its impact would be much more. It is clear that nobody can forecast or predict the terrorist activities but the media has nose for the news. And this could be the greatest weapon against the terrorism. People can come forward to share their problems with media, which could be great step towards problem solving. Similarly, any suspicious movement if shared with media then the damage could be less. Yes, a real citizen journalistic move is what really required at this juncture combating the terrorism. This media and people participation would be greatest weapon against the terrorists and terrorism. Last but not least, the media has the power unearth the truth and educated the people about the reality; in the case of terrorism media can play a great role in combating terrorism


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