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Feb 7, 2008

Mumbai - Favourite Place ?

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The financial capital, Mumbai is the favorite destination for millions in order to find their ways to success. From film starts to a lay man in Mumbai, everyone tries to use their luck in the land of success. This concept is most popular in Bollywood films too that we have been watching for long. A villager goes to Mumbai and becomes rich person there; such portrayals are more common in films. That makes others to migrate to the city to try their luck. These migrants in Mumbai struggle hard to maintain their basic need and soon come to know the reality of life in Mumbai. The recent controversy of the non locality in Mumbai is adding insult to their injuries.

A taxi driver works hard day and night in order to maintain the need of his family members. The hard day earning of a taxi driver would not be enough to meet his dream but to maintain. The fantasy of the capital city and financial capital vanishes when a person faces the reality and high voltage political drama. A political cause is enough even in the capital city to face the ugly side of the politics. The recent attack on the taxi drivers, which led to a strike by many unions finally come to a point of solution. The unions have agreed to call off their strike; this will help many to earn their bread and butter.

This is the reality of the capital city and the dream city of millions. On the one hand the financial capital is under the threat of terrorist outfits and under world and on the other hand the ugly face the politics is much more threat also. However, it would be interesting to find – how long the Mumbai city would be the favourite destination of the people those are willing to try their luck.


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