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Apr 6, 2008

Indian herbal market's impressive growth

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Indian herbal market has been registering impressive growth rate. The herbal products from India are getting recognition in international market. According to media reports the herbal market would reach to Rs. 14, 500 crores by 2012. The government of India has also been adopting measures like setting up Herbal farm clusters for improving quality of drugs and promotion of exports, focus on research and development and chalking out marketing strategies for the effective marketing of the herbal products.

There is need for the promotion of the herbal cultivation in India, as herbal medicinal plants are found in many parts of the nation. The need of the hour is proper mechanism and effective execution of plans for the better cultivation of herbal plants. The truth can not be denied that Indian Yoga and fitness moves became popular in many foreign countries. The health and fitness matra from India has been drawing attention of western countries and this time has came for Indian herbal market to mark its success in international arena.


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