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Jun 25, 2008

Does India need a dictator?

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Does India need a dictator? This question looks too simple but too difficult to answer. India is one of the greatest democracies of the world and the word dictator is losing its ground day by day. The elections in Pakistan has proved a set back for Musharraf, the president. Another era of dictatorship of Fidel Castro comes to an end after his stepping down. Dictator Saddam Hussein is no longer to rule.

The growth and stability of a nation is closely related to its foreign policy, and management of internal problems like poverty, employment, development. The global economy is very smooth today because of best foreign policies of nations. In a pragmatic view, India is good at maintaining its foreign policy with the US, China and Russia. This foreign policy would no longer best if the nation is headed by a dictator. Dictatorship in India might cause unrest and conflict and that will lead to destruction, as evident from world history. The dictators like - Vladimir Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and others caused destruction and unrest.

In Indian perspective, the dictatorship could be a curse for its developing path. However, the national epidemics like – political corruption, underdevelopment, poverty, clash over domicile etc will stay remain despite a dictator regime. India is large country and known for unity in diversity, and one dictator would not be able address these problems. The bottom line is that dictatorship is not always a negative aspect for the nations but like Mahumud Gaddafi of Libya could be the example for development.


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