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Jun 30, 2008

Is India's youth participating in India's development or not

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Indian youth have been contributing in the growth of the nation. The youth population of India is the biggest source for manpower. India is becoming the favorite destination for its excellence peace in the Information and Technology. According the figures, India stands second with 73.3 youth literary rate, where as the China stands first with 98.9 per cent youth literacy rate, in the Asia.

Indian youth have been getting accolade for their talent in the global market. However, there is outflow of the talent to other developed countries, but the contribution towards the nation is significant. In the tertiary sector, the youth or the manpower is the strength to the economy. Not only they joined the main stream of development with their talent and attitude but also they know their roles and responsibilities. Indian youth know the fundamental duties that they should follow. The development of a nation is mainly depends on the youth force, which can be termed as future of the nation. In the era of information and technology, India youth are at their level best in contributing the nation. The youth population is around half of the total population of India, can contribute in the sectors like, medical were there is huge requirement of doctors. They need to contribute the nation in science and technology, as advancement in this sector which is mandatory for development for the nation like India. The bottom line is – Indian youth have been contributing and the nation would be in a position to give tough competition to the global economy.

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