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Aug 8, 2008

Good relationship is your asset

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Man is a social animal. Society is everything and if some people are with the society, some people may not like this they may be true example of exceptional. Greeting, support, moral, good attitude and moreover pleasing personality are the absolute requirement of the society. Many families in the society have been perished due to bad relationship or their failure in maintaining good relationship with others. In ancient times, there were joint families. In Indian perspective, relationship and family inheritance are the seeds for the society. Indian society was once proud to be having joint and big families, where more people used to live happily under one roof. But the scenario has been changed; joint families have been turned into tiny families, due to maintenance of bad relationship.

Relationship is the core aspect of our life. From childhood we have been learning the family values and respecting the relationships. Indian culture the relationship is very clear even though at micro level. Teaching the family values to the children is to priority of elders in a family in India. Whatever the relationship it may be, it’s depends on the mutual interest to maintain it. It could be between father and son, mother and son, brother and brother or between sister and brother; there are some limitations to every relationship that must be safeguarded.

In Indian perspective, perhaps the busy life and hard struggle survival would be the cause for collapse of joint family system. Such practice of joint family still exists in rural parts of the nation. If you aim to lead a life in joint family but the situation is the hurled, and then just try to maintain good relationship with everyone. Maintaining good relationship is art – art of winning people. You are identified by your relationships and social contacts. If you do have good relationship within the family then that is enough to tarnish your image in the society. There could be many reasons behind your relationship issues but it’s your responsibility to wave off all constrains to have good relationship.

Be social with everyone including family members. Never hurt any one including kids in order to maintain good relationship. Always try to have open discussion in the family regarding the topic that could cause serious set back for your relationship. Make aware your family members about your quality that will turn on them towards you. You should follow the give and take policy while dealing with respect; if you respect others then it will bounce back to you. A good and healthy relationship is always preferred by everyone. Be social and live life socially, what else is required to have a great life with all the family members around you.


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