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Aug 5, 2008

Yoga for mind, body and soul

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Yoga is the cessation of mind, says Patanjali, one of the great yoga sages. Yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, the classical language of India. Yoga is the art of relaxing mind, body and soul. Of late, it is the best fitness mantra for everyone. In every nook and corner, you will come across beauty parlous, gym, fitness centers and Yoga centers. Everyone knows the meaning of Yoga and it’s benefits, thanks to Baba Ramdev, a great saint from India, who has been preaching Yoga techniques to the world. Even the films star, Shilpa Sheety plunges into this race of preaching with launching her album.

The modern life style and junk food culture has been making us weak. In order to stay fit we need to concentrate on some fitness techniques. And Yoga is one of the best mantra to keep yourself fit & fine. A healthy body, peaceful mind and pure soul are what required conquering the world; it’s possible through constant practice of Yoga. You can attain complete peace of mind through Yoga.

Some of benefits of practicing Yoga these are - you will stay fit & fine that’s essential to complete your daily task smartly. Through Yoga practice you can get rid of your tension and make your life more cherishes. You can increase your concentration power and that will help make you more self esteem. It is obvious that a calm and self esteem person gives much better result than a dull guy. In India, Yoga is believed as a treasure to get enlightenment and it’s a sacred process of leading life. This will helps your to purify your body, mind and soul.

People have been focusing toward healthy life-style, and Yoga is one of the popular ways. A little practice in the morning or evening will keep you fit entire day. Isn’t that a big deal? Experts do follow many postures and techniques like Pranayam, Hota Yoga and other postures. But for beginners and people having busy scheduled, some postures within little time will have great impact. Don’t be panic with the Yoga jargons; try get the complete information from experts rather than trying to know it yourself. Learn techniques from any Yoga teacher. Check out these tips and before you start Yoga:

· Follow Yoga Instructor: Never ever try to learn Yoga yourself that might be very dangerous for you. Join Yoga classes learn Yoga postures from Yoga teachers.

· Check up your Health: It is very essential to check up you health before joining Yoga classes, consult your doctor and take advise whether your fit enough to join Yoga or fitness classes. Inform about your health condition to your Yoga teacher before hand. As per your health condition the teacher will recommend proper postures and moves.

· Be regular and punctual: Be regular and punctual to your Yoga classes and complete your course. After completion of course and you can practice at home with approval from your Yoga teacher. Never ever leave you course halfway, that is not recommended.

· Food & Water: Don't do yoga on a full stomach or drink water during a session. Wait for 15 minutes before taking water and an hour before you eat anything. Consult your Yoga teacher regarding your diet plan.

· Yoga Kit: You can arrange your own kit for practicing Yoga. Many accessories are available in the market; you can have your own kit.

Start Yoga and live healthy. Consistency in your practice makes you healthy and fit & fine. With in little span of time you will see the difference and improvement in your health. Yoga is good for your body, mind and soul.


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