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Nov 18, 2008

Global Crisis and Inflation for common men

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The world is reeling under the global crisis, from industrialists to laymen, every body knows the real meaning. The year was started very well and India was shining and do the common men of India with the common minimum programme of the UPA. In the mid- year there the trouble started. It was the first inflation, that drew attention of laymen towards the fiscal policies. As by then the fiscal policies and the inflation impact was visible on their household budget.

The inflation rose to around 13 per cent, the figure was very high than the panic among common people. Suddenly, the prices of the basic goods have gone up out of reach of common men in the economy. It was very difficult time for the middle class people but their problem did not stop by then. Thanks to the global meltdown and the bankruptcy filed by two major banks of US, that made every one aware about the real scenario of the world economy.

The basic requirement of the people are out of their reach. It is obvious that there would be reaction too. While companies switch to the cost cut measures while consumer have suppressed their desires which reduced the demand for the goods in market. The impact is on everyone including common men barring their status of rich or poor. However, the world has been under the pressure of the global crisis so as the common men. It is just puzzle for the common men to whom they really blame for this.


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