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Nov 21, 2008

The Impact of Global Meltdown on Indian Economy

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The world economy has been reeling under the pressure of the global meltdown. The Indian economy is not untouched from it. The impact can be seen clearly on the Indian IT sector and the stock market. The slowdown has giant effect on the all most all the sectors of the economy. However, the inflation rate and global crude price have been decreasing, which is a unprecedented move of India and the world.

In the corporate sector, the global meltdown has the vast impact. Many companies have been trying to adopt the cost cut measures. Some companies have been adopting the lay-off as a effective measure of cost cut policies. According to media reports, the Citi group will have also lay-off of India, as earlier it was told that there would not be impact on the lay-off.

The lay-off would be a crucial for the companies to decide their measures before they sketch the lay-off provisions. It would be very difficult for the employees association with such companies to allocate into a new role, as all most companies have the same impact of the global meltdown.


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