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Dec 15, 2008

Attrition rate to fall by 7 to 8 per cent due to global turmoil

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The attrition rate is ever high in IT and ITES services in India. Now the attrition rate in IT and ITES services would decrease due to the impact of the global financial crisis. The IT and other companies have spent bulk amount in the training and recruitment, according to media reports.

It is expected that due to the global financial crisis the the attrition rate would decrease by seven to 8 per cent. However, this is a good sign for the companies as they will no more be losing their resources or trained human resources.

The global financial crisis has been widening and the world economy is under its grip. It is not only in India, but also in Japan. The economy of Japan is in recession, where job holders are in struggle for their survive. employees of many companies have been working for more than twelve hours in order to survive from the global financial crisis impact on their companies.

In India the global financial crisis will have impact on the companies and their attrition rate. The impact on attrition rate would be better for the companies. However, companies have been trying to cap their further recruitment expenses to avoid the heavy impact of global financial crisis on their earnings.


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