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Feb 12, 2009

Railway Budget 2008-09: Highlights

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Last year, Union Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav on 26 February 2008, here are the major highlights of the Union Railway Budget 2008-09:
  • Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and Indian Railways to collaborate on Mother-Child Health Express
  • Railway examinations would be taken in Urdu in states with high percentage of Urdu speakers
  • The railway tickets would be more easily accessible now
  • Railway hospitals to be improved
  • Multipurpose railway cards would be provided in Mumbai
  • CFL lights to be used
  • Display Boards would be provided for the express trains and the long distance mails
  • Railway production center to be set up in Kerala
  • Railway call centers by the year 2009
  • Easier acquisition of land for developmental purposes
  • The Rajdhani and Satabdi express trains would be maintained by private companies
  • 53 trains to be introduced in the next year
  • 30 major stations would have multilevel parking facilities
  • Routes of a number of trains to be increased
  • 50 major stations would have escalators and lifts
  • Special Commonwealth games trains to be run from Delhi to Pune
  • The low level platforms would be brought up to the standards of the medium level and high level platforms
  • Tickets to have possible arrival times printed on them
  • Specific line for purposes of transporting coal
  • Private companies would be allowed to make terminals
  • The Automatic Signalling System would be expanded
  • Fares in second class compartments to go down by 5%
  • More tickets on the Internet
  • Fares in 3A compartments to go down by 3%
  • Terminals to have better amenities and twenty four hour freight handling facilities
  • Fares in 1A compartments to go down by 7%
  • 40 new contained depots by the coming year
  • Fares in 2A compartments to go down by 4%
  • Specific freight corridors
  • Freights of diesel and petrol to go down by 5%
  • New and improved coaches in Satabdi and Rajdhani
  • 6% reduction in freight charges in the Northeastern parts of India
  • Coal, cement, steel and container freight would go up in the next year
  • No lines for tickets by the next two years
  • Better information system for travelers
  • Rs 4000 crores allocated for installing green toilets in trains
  • The stations at Delhi, Mumbai and Patna stations to be helped for attaining global standards
  • 10 new trains for Bihar
  • Safety measures would be increased to prevent accidents
  • Students and women to get concessions
  • Number of unmanned level-crossings to go down
  • An increased number of trains would function on electricity in the Northern part of India
  • Senior citizens to enjoy 30% concessions


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