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Oct 29, 2009

India and Pakistan Relations - When Peace Will Return?

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Whom to blame for the bad relations between India and Pakistan? Since the two nations got their independence, the relation was not good and might not be better in future too. The two countries have on crisis - Kashmir. Many people lost their life over this issue, which is the major reason for unrest in India and Pakistan.

Recently, Pakistan alleged India of funding to Taliban, and its a best jest by the Pakistan - world knows. India is a peace loving country and trying to restore peace. Prime Minister of India has replied to these baseless allegations strongly.

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It's very too late for the countries to have dialogue over their issues. It is believed that the Mumbai Attack in the November last year has closed all options for dialogue between the two countries. After Parliament Attack , the Mumbai was another big attack on Indian sovereign. No country would tolerate attack on its sovereign.


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