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Oct 28, 2009

National Counselling Voluntary Training Courses in Kotpad

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By Rabindra Sahu

The IT revolution has been there in India, and now spreading in the western Orissa. In order the make the students computer literate there are many projects are being started in western Orissa. Koraput is the district headquarter and Jeypore it he hug for the IT development in the area.

Rural areas having electricity are now connection globally through Internet. It is believed that most of the blocks in the district have Internet connection. The starting of projects like National Counselling Voluntary Training (NCVT) will help students to learn computer with their minimum contribution.

The population of Koptad Tehesil was around 14 thousand in 2001 census with literacy rate of around 50 per cent. Students are now getting computer training from various institutes. Sheetala Computers of Kotpad has now started it's courses under the project NCVT. People are very optimistic about the success of this computer education.


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