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Dec 16, 2009

Growing Telecom Sector in India

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The telecom sector in India is growing, there is sign of progress in the sector despite global downturn. In India there are around 500 million mobile users and the number would rise in the days to come. The usage of mobile become mandatory for the people irrespective of their class. No matter how much you earn, but it a compulsory for every one to have mobile.

The telecom major companies too have best plans for the all the customers barring their personal status. The charges on mobile are also under the reach of the everyone. All can make calls and talk. The volume of the mobile business is very big in India, just imagine that 500 million people if spend 10 rupees per day on calls. Then the volume of business is very big. If they make one call costing around Rs 1 per call, then spending for one call in India (including all) would be around Rs. 500 million.


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