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Dec 17, 2009

Political Economy Behind 'Telangana' Separate State Issue?

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It's not an easy task to curve a new state 'Telangana' out of Andhra Pradesh state. It that is politically correct, then its time to think again. The political ideology behind having a separate state is very strong enough, that led people go in favor of separate state theory. The movement by the people and political parties are correct and the correctness of the anti-separate state can't be denied though.

A separate state 'Telangana' may help the region to cherish in terms of political strength, which that might not possible till the region is integrated with Andhra Pradesh. On 1st November 2000, the formation of three states - Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand, gives indication of the political strength and development in all the corners.

Similarly, politically as separate state Telangana is good for the region. Economically, it is also better to have a state capital in the backward region, where people can access the government facilities without any deficit. Telangana, if it presumed as a stated, the people belong that region will be under a governance of the its news government to be formed and would become economically strong may be in five to ten years.

Will that sort of attention and development is possible, if the region is not curved out of Andhra Pradesh. The motive of having a state for the sake of the poor families, that should be supported. However, the separate state Telangana issue is enough to ignite other separate state issues in the country but those has to be addressed at any cost on any fine day.


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