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Jan 9, 2010

CEA Survey: Next Bill Gates may be from India or China

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I came across an interesting story on HT - "Next Bill Gates could be from India or China: survey". According to the news story based on Survey by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) that suggests the 40 per cent of Americans feel that next Bill Gates would be from India or China.

May be this come true, as the both countries are developing fast. India is getting its renowned recognition from the world over the its software, and it can be termed as world leader in software sector.

China economy is the big economy in Asia and its advancement both economically and military getting world's attention. The China can be the super power and the industrialists from this country could also achieve higher position in the days to come, no doubt in that. Only one perception is that, it's in the interest of both India and China if they not indulge in war like situation. Lets hope for the best - Good Luck India & China.


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