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Jan 24, 2010

Food Inflation Eases , is at 16.81 per cent

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Business News This Week: The food inflation is easing, now the prices may return to normal stage. This would be in interest of the people and they can reach the food prices with their stipulated budget estimation. The food inflation dips to 16.81 per cent recently. But the price of some other essential goods are still on soaring approach.

The meeting of Cabinet Committee of Prices was held on 21 January 2010. Many major decision were taken at the meeting including providing additional rice and wheat (10 kgs) to below poverty line (BPL) and above proverty line (APL) families for next two months.

The supply of goods should be stabilized to the maintain the prices in the market. The import of food grains from the foreign countries it the option the government has to contain the food inflation crisis. Moreover, the public distribution system has be to strengthen, if not then the food inflation will remain unchecked.


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