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Jan 16, 2010

Indian economy vs Chinese economy, which is better ?

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Business News This Week: There has been comparison between Indian economy vs Chinese economy. The duo Asian tigers are on race in the continent. The economy of the India and China are strong, but experts believe that Chinese economy stronger though it is parallel to India economy. The political will behind strengthening in China is more aggressive than India.

As per the size of the population, the both nations are at par. India may be legging behind from China in standard of living point of view. The defence expenditure of China is more than India and the external threat is big concern for Indian economy.

The access to Chinese products is easy in India market, and easy available of such goods are giving more competition to the domestic industries. There is level - as 'Chinese products' in India, despite the quality, those Chinese markets manage to capitalized the Indian market and taking the advantage, which Indian industries are not doing. Indian economy should become more strong in order to give tight competition to China.


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