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Jan 23, 2010

PSUs in BSE, their role in capital market?

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Business New This Week: Investor world wide know how and where to invest safely. When it comes to invest in Indian market, the performance of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) have vital role to decide. No doubt, in a mixed economy, there is not discrimination to private companies and corporates. Nevertheless, the PSUs have dominated the stock market completely.

The role of PSUs  is capitalization in Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) is important. In a trading day, the fresh capitalization  or the capital flow in the stock markets probably decide the fate of investors. The gain and loss at BSE is inevitable. bsepsu.com claims that "PSUs constitute over 30% of the total market capitalization of companies listed at BSE as on 31 December 2009". The capitalization is the market depends on the performance of the PSUs and their quarterly results. Most of the investors invest wisely, and why not to have option to see the results of these PSUs before investing!


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