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Jan 18, 2010

World Recession: International Trade in Indian Perspective

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Business News This Week: International Trade is a vast term and all the economies of the world including third world are well connected with. International trade is the key for the making the world into global market. Where countries do exchange their goods and services, in the international market.

The recession hits the international trade and tend the balances of payment as well. The international trade policies and the WTO norms of trade are kept calm, because of the the recession, that gripped the world economy and international market. India is also badly affected due the on going recession, which is like to complete its one year(recession). The international trade in India, is the major source for Indian economy.

The failure of WTO talks for many years and difference between the countries over the dumping rules and international trade, sink foreign fund of many countries, which could be achieved through the international. International trade in India perspective is something that suffered for around one year and now its back on track. With having good foreign reserves, India economy is now strong and ready to deal the international trade better.


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