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Feb 24, 2010

Developing Nations Risk E-Waste Crisis : InformationWeek

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Business News : This report Developing Nations Risk E-Waste Crisis is important for the developing nations like India and China over the E-Waster and this could be the major risk for those nations and the world.
"As consumption of computers, cell phones, and TVs escalates across the globe, countries need to establish proper recycling programs to deal with all the electronic waste, says the U.N."
There is need to think seriously over the e-waste in India. The mobile users in India have been rising rapidly so as the mobile manufacturing and service providers. But there is urgency to keep tab on the e-waste (mobiles) and their recycle process. For initial the e-waste may not look like a big deal for the countries, but in the later stage those nations may need to have common consensus over this matter. Need to take care of the climate we have and need to protect it from all the aspects we can. Live and Let Live!


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