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Feb 1, 2010

Milk Price to Soar ?

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Business News This Week : After sugar, now soaring milk prices could be new trouble for middle class families. The price of milk in every state may increase, there are chances. With rise in the price of the milk and sugar, the price of all the goods made from these two ingredients will rise. The food inflation is fluctuating but the budget of household is increasing.

The price of the essential foods could be with in reach of the poor families. If the price of milk will rise, may there the matter of some ruppes, but too difficult for the middle class families. The big question here rises, who is going to take the advantage of rise in the milk price. Its obvious, that the money from the pocket of middle class family is moving to the bank or treasure account of a richest person. Rise in food inflation is just widening the difference between the rich and poor in the society. Which is a big sign of economic crisis in the day to come. 


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