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Mar 10, 2010

Top 10 Companies of India

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Indian companies are back on track again, the tough time of global recession is over. Indian companies had hard time last year as the world was reeling under the pressure of economic slowdown. Thanks to the Government of India and Finance Minister of India for backing the interest of Indian companies through various stimulus packages. Now the impact of the economic slowdown is almost over and software, banking, finance and other companies aim to give the benefit to its employees in form of bonus. The union budget was presented and there was positive response from Indian companies. Here we have listed the top 10 companies of India:

  1. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) : RIL is one is India's largest private sector conglomerate (by market value). Since its set up in 1966, the company has been growing. The company has total assets of US$34.99 billion till 2009 and has been listed in Forbes list several times.
  2. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) : ONGC is an Indian public sector petroleum company, which incorporated in the year 1993.It produces about 30% of India's crude oil requirement. ONGC has total assets of around US$ 35.35 billion till 2008.
  3. State Bank of India (SBI) : SBI is said to be the best trusted bank in India. It is the oldest bank of India, it was found in 1806. By then it was Imperial Bank of India, in 1955 the government of India has nationalized the bank. The SBI has total assets of US$ 257.18 billion.
  4. Indian Oil Corporation (IndianOil) : IndianOil is one of the major petroleum companies in India. IndianOil is the largest Indian Public sector Petroleum company that ranked 105 in the Fortune Global 500 list compiled in the year 2009. The total assets of IndianOil is around US $33.64 billion till 2008.
  5. ICICI Bank : Formerly ICICI bank was known as Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. ICICI bank is one of the largest private bank in India.ICICI bank has total assets of USD 120.61 billion at March 31, 2009.
  6. NTPC Limited : NTPC Ltd is a major power generation public sector company in India. The company has been ranked 317 in the list of Forbes Global 2000 companies for 2009. Its one of the top 10 companies of India. NTPC has
  7. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) : SAIL is the top steel makers of India and its is in the top five highest profit earning corporates in India. SAIL has total assets of US$10.54 billion in 2008.
  8. Tata Steel : Tata Steel is another major steel manufacturing private company in India. Tata Steel is the sixth largest steel company in the world. It has capacity of manufacturing 31 million tonnes of crude steel. Tata Steel has the total assets of US $31.16 billion in 2009.
  9. Bharti Airtel : Popularly known as Airtel in India, is the one of the major cellular service provider in India. Bharti Airtel has more than 121 million subscribers as of January 2010 and recently it has cleared to acquire major company in Bangladesh. The subscribers will increase once it starts operation in Bangladesh. Wireless, Telephone, Internet and Satellite television are the major products of Bharti Airtel.
  10. Reliance Communications : It's another major companies of India in the arena of telecommunications and second largest mobile operators in India. The company has total asset of US $19.31 billion in 2008. Wireless, Telephone, Internet and Television are the major products of this company.
The above listed are the top ten companies of India in various arenas.


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