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May 26, 2010

China To Set Up Independent Satellite Navigation System by 2012

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China is on its way to set up Independent Satellite Navigation System after US and Russia. According to media reports, China is developing a Beidou satellite navigation system, after successful of its process, China will be ranked as third country for having own Independent Satellite Navigation after US and Russia. It is expected to be completed by 2012.

At present China is having three navigation satellites and comparing to that India possesses none. It is reported that the satellite navigation system – Beidou will focus on storm, earthquake and disaster rescue operation, which will be advantage to detect the calamities before hand, Similarly the NAVSTAR GPS in US helps the defence to locate and hit the terrorist hidden in remote areas. Thus, China is going to face tough competition with Russia’s Glonass system. Even Europe is entering with it’s own Galileo system.

So, China has decided to establish it’s own satellite navigation system by 2012 covering the Asia-Pacific region. The local government are also ready to give a helping hand in financing the project.


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