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Jun 11, 2010

Rural Weekly Market - A Good Concept

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The Weekly Market in the rural areas is a good concept, where the villagers across the sub-urban areas sell their goods and services. The weekly markets are called 'Haat' ( in Odisha), the gathering there look very dull but the volume of trade is more as a like big complexes do. There are no terms and conditions to do weekly business there but to settle down at a place where you want to sell you products.

People of the rural belt are very simple and they aim to satisfy their customers and they allow the discounts in their on own style. There are chances of bargaining and high margin for the best deal for either sides. Those markets are the only option for the traders to sell their goods once in the weekly market.

Recently, I've visited one of the such markets in the area of Kotpad in Koraput district of Orissa. Where the volume of products may be more than 2000 items and weight can't even measure approximately. Around 10,000 people will be shopping and around 500 people will be selling their goods. In fact this is the best market to get the fresh items you are looking for. If the transaction for the day of the weekly market is considered then the amount would not be less than in some lakhs and a fine place for economic students see the real velocity of money there.


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