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Jul 20, 2010

Indian Rupees got new Symbol! What will be the impact?

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Indian rupee got its own sign recently, the good news is that it will be brand for the Indian currency in the international market. The Indian currency rupees in India known as rupaya or rupaye. The term is derived from Sanskrit 'rupya' that symbolizes the metal silver.

In ancient India, the gold, silver and copper were considered as rupees and the coins were more convertible money. The evaluation of money covers the wide scope in the history, but the metals made their place in money transactions. In most of the parts of India still now, most of silver coins are good means of money for those have good hoardings.

The new symbol to Indian rupee will give brand identity to Indian rupees in the international market. This will also boost the trading and rate of the rupees in the international market and will have the special identity. Moreover, the symbol will represent India and its currency,where as earlier the Rupees term had been representing to other Asian countries also. This new symbol will make Indian rupees more acceptance power internationally. Not sure about that? Just wait for some years.


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