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Sep 18, 2010

Indian Stock Market - BSE, Nifty This Week

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This week was very good for the investors as the stock market shined. From the day one of the week the market were seen in green. BSE Sensex was closed at 19,594.75 (4.97%) and Nifty at 5.884.95 (5.01%).

The banking shares were at the top comparing to the other indices in the share market. The State Bank of India shares were traded at high price this week.

The slope of BSE and Nifty this week was seen rising up every day despite the global clue and Indian stock markets live upto the investors expectations. Indian stock markets this week retain the confidence of investors.

Here is the weekly figures of market open and closing time:

Monday, 13 September
BSE opened at 19,037.47(1.99%) , closed at 19,208.33(2.9%)
Nifty opened at 5,704.35(1.97%), closed at 5,760(2.78%)

Tuesday, 14 September
BSE opened at 19,285.83(3.32%) , closed at 19,346(3.46%)
Nifty opened at 5,776.5(3.84%), closed at 5,795.55(3.24%)

Wednesday, 15 September
BSE opened at 19,447.04(4.18%) , closed at 19,502.11(4.48%)
Nifty opened at 5,827.4(3.99%), closed at 5,860.95(4.95%)

Friday, 17 September
BSE opened at 19,587.77(4.89%) , closed at 19,94.75(4.97%)
Nifty opened at 5,877.7(4.88%), closed at 5,884.95(50.1%)

Market figures closed on point basis - BSE Sensex 19594.75 (177.26) Nifty 5884.95 (56.25)
*all the figures mentioned not exact figures of 9am and 4pm.


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