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Nov 8, 2010

Is this a good time to invest in Stock Market?

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The stock market seems to get very volatile of late, but giving huge returns against investments made by investors.

This raises a question for the new investors those want to foray into the market for a trial. The market bit volatile and the external factors are also not weighing high on Indian stock market.

Any bench mark or market index is seen in green for sometime and responding very positively. In particularly the investments in cement and banking are the good options for the investors have.

As the BSE for the first time breached the 21k mark, most of the investors would be interested to start their investment as the market was in all time high.

But there is also risk of market collapse or burst, this may lead to huge loss for investors.

For the new investors those want to a trial, the equity market or mutual fund investment would be good option.

In equity market there are number of companies with low face value shares, those can be opted for a trial by the new investors.

If the volume of investment is very high then safe investment or long-term would be only way to invest in the stock market.

The market is unpredictable so as the external factors those are controlling the Indian stock market. Reading the external factors and sound knowledge about the stocks, market risk would give high returns.

However, a new investor or new to world of the stocks, should wait and watch before jumping into the market with huge investment.


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