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Dec 23, 2010

Soaring Food and Vegetable Prices a Big Threat to Indian Economy

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The government's perspective on Indian economy is good indication of growing Indian economy. The hike in petrol pries and the soaring price of food items and vegetables would be big speculative threat for the economy.

The figures of inflation however showings its under control situation, but reality always bites. The rise in food prices made the house hold budget out of the control. Spending huge for less quantity of more essential goods and services.

The market become the best place for those trying to make good profit over the bottleneck situation in the economy. The government need to more focus on the supply side as the the price could come down and common man can reach to.

The GDP growth of Indian economy will not make the people survive in the tough market and price up conditions. People of the nation are paying more and even more for their daily needs.

The demand force is not more effective in the market as the prices of goods and service are moving upwards. But the mechanism for short term supply force has to be maintained in the economy to bring down the worsen market conditions.

Inflation can be controlled, but will take time to bring is under control through RBI's policies and government fiscal measures. Need of the hour is the keep the prices of essential goods and services under the reach of Aam Admi the common man of this nation.


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