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Feb 3, 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and Your Business

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The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 will start this month of February. No doubt that its a mega events for countries, cricket players and even more for the cricket fans across the globe.

With the emerging trends of IPL recently, it might have impact on the cricket fever but hardly do it matters for the cricket fans, those can watch it hours. But in practical way, the cricket mania in India and across the globe is certainly going to hit the business world in terms of time and productivity.

This post is not neither against the spirit of the cricket game nor the big fans and loves of the game. It's after all a game, and the lots of price in the game made this a better a successful one.

Here questions comes how to tally your business with the on going mega cricket event. Specially if your having business in India, then the month of revenue and productivity is certain to go low, because of the game and its entertainment that viewers would be getting.
If the ICC Cricket World Cup or the IPL matches are round the corner, then fix your business schedules as per the matches, so that you need not worry about the work more. Even you can also spend sometime in watching the fantastic matches. Really those matches are interesting to watch indeed.

The bottom line is that, in India cricket is not a sport but religion. So as the business its not only religion but your life. While the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is a big event, you can adjust your business accordingly. There one popular saying that fits here 'cut your coat according to the cloth' , so make business deals as per the time and convenience. Enjoy the Cricket!


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