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Jun 30, 2011

25 Paise Coin: A History and Out of Circulation!

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The denomination of 25 paise coin and below were ceased as legal tender from Wednesday (30 June). Now those coins will be out of circulation.

Keep the coins, as it is history now to purchase some good in exchange with 25 paise in India. It costs one fourth of Indian rupees.

From July 1, even banks will also not accept these coins. The 25 paise had been fading away from the market, and fifty paise replace as the minimum change amount in the market.

But its also very hard to find fifty paise as exchange in the market in India. The RBI may also go for fifty paise in near future declaring it legal tender.

If your having some coints of 25 paise then keep those, as there will no new coins to be issued by the government of India.


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