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Nov 1, 2011

Petrol Price to Go Up Again?

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There are indications as per the media reports that the price of petrol (Gasoline)may go up once again in India. In a bid to overcome from the financial loss, fuel retailers have been advocating for another hike in the petrol price in India.

Further hike in the fuel prices will directly have impact on the headline inflation and prices of goods and services in India. Earlier, the railway has hiked the freight charges. The inflation in India is near to to the double digit and the further hike would make to double digit.

On the other hand the the apex bank has been trying to check the inflation, made variation in the key interest rates as many as 13 times. And also to attract the fund to banks in form of deposits it too historic step to give best interest to saving accounts.

State run oil companies have been putting pressure to hike the petrol price by Rs. 1.82 per litre to cover their loss. And the burden will be on the Aam Admi, the common man of this country.


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