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Nov 11, 2011

When the economic blockade in Manipur will end?

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The economic blockade in Manipur, the northeastern state of India, has been paralyzing the normal for last three months. The normal life has been hit as price of petrol is being sold at around Rs. 200 per liter and a LPG gas cylinder costs around Rs.2000.

The price tag of such essential commodities is out of the budget of common man in the state. The demands for United Naga groups have been stick to their demand for not bifurcating the Sadar hill area.

The blockade should end fast as soon as possible as the biggest concern with the people living in the area and feeling the hard pinch of economic blockade in Manipur. Not only their paying high for the essential commodities to live, but also suffering the due to the blockade. Considering the interest of the people all should find amicable solution over the stir and demands.


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