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Jan 30, 2012

Investment Scenario in 2012

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There are may be many predictions over the year 2012 related to the human civilization and its end, but for the business its a consistent process in contrast with the investment & capital flow. The year is however will be full the up and downs in the capital or stock market.

In the first month, there indications from the stock markets revealed about the investment prospects across the globe. In the world, where the stock markets have been tumbling due the fear of the slowdown or recession sort of situation. It also giving indication over the investment scenario in the world.
Investing is the basic formula of growth! No doubt in that, but the economic slowdown and recession sort of situation would never encourage in the stock market. Without investment the world of business will not have the right time or result.

However some research reports indicating for a good job market in 2012, if those predictions come true then it will also indirectly indicating about good prospect for investments in companies or ultimately in the stocks, shares etc.

Investment in the market will help like a big-push in the economy, well many many not be in par with this statement. And obviously this is a personal statement only. The red stock figures may shift the investments towards safe hoarding of fund or investments with less-risk factors.

In India, the BSE and Nifty trends have been discouraging the rattled investors and with the government allowing individual foreigners into stock market will help somehow maintaining the the cash flow into the economy. The country will have its new union budget for the financial year 2012-13 that will begin from March 2012.

The investment scenario in the country and in the the world depend on the trends and performance of the stock markets, factors like recession, debt crisis etc.,


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