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May 12, 2012

Five Best Ways to Spend Leisure Time

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Leisure is the free time that you have been spending in watching television or doing some work related to hobby. In fact, that is the best way to keep you entertaining and leading a happy life.

But that does not mean that we can make productive our leisure time. There are several ways those could be more production for anyone if properly used provided that also depends on the willingness and patience. The following five are the best ways you can have during your leisure time:


As the saying goes “BOOK IS YOUR BEST FRIEND” reading enhances ones knowledge & improves ones set of mind as well as way of thinking. There are various varieties of books, self-development, spiritual, fiction, science etc. One can choose books according to ones requirement / as per his interest. But making it a habit to read at least one hour a day, or when ever one can find leisure time really helps in improving ones knowledge. Most people tend to read books relating only to their profession, but reading all kinds of books is a right habit to practice.


Human beings are social beings, right from the food we eat, clothes we wear, we are dependent on so many people for so many things in that way we are very much indebted to the society. We may not be able to do big things, in a big way, but, in our own individual level we can start with some thing say, by volunteering ourselves to some organization or place of necessity and can give our services in what ever way we can, it may be financial, physical, or whatever. This way you are also exposed to various people their standard of living, ups and downs in life etc. Doing this you will learn so many things say the value of hard work, dignity of labour. Above all you will be able to know how blessed you are in so many ways when compared to so many people, in so many ways. This is the best way to use ones leisure time.


Different people have different interests & hobbies. In spare time we can focus on developing our areas of interest. Doing this not only gives oneself immense happiness, but also helps in self-development.


When you visit near by places of importance / places of historical Importance, you know the cultural heritage of the place or region You are residing in, it not gives you relaxation, but also helps you to develop respect towards your culture & Heritage. Other than places, of cultural importance, there will also be places of regional Importance, or any kind, when you visit these places you start appreciating their value & develop a sense of respect.


Right from the moment we are in our mother’s womb, till our last breath, there is some unknown, indescribable supreme power, because of which we exist on this earth. If we can spend some time remembering or contemplating on such power, what better way can be there for utilization of this life. There are so many spiritual organizations & places of worship where we can go, spend time looking into our inner self. This is the most valuable way of using our leisure time. Because this is the only place where we can discover our true self & find real purpose of this existence.


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