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May 3, 2012

Hard Working or Smart working?

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What is your choice if two options are given to choose between hard working and smart working? Choice is your but the destination is the success at any cost, sounds good? Many always try to get the basic difference about hard working and smart working.

The best thing is that how you solved the work, how much labor your implemented to complete the task. Some obvious feel, that work might not required that much stress as you have given. But that matters and depends on the situation and kind of work.

Hard Working or Smart working?

The both the phrases - hard working or smart working include your best efforts comprising your physical and mental activity to complete a task. Smart work is something different in this contrast as it involves the creativity portion that you use to complete the work.

Have a look on the following quotation. A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. - Colin Powell.

Got any clue, it says hard work is the way to success and there no short cut to success. I would say just use some creativity in your work that your trying hard to complete and see how the work will be get completed in simple and smartest way!

One should explore the ways that can be useful in completing files rather completely focusing on particular way. Somewhere I read that one technician repairs ship with help of one hit with hammer and charges huge money. The ship owner asks why to he need to pay since the technician hits one hit.

The reply comes, he is charging much fees since he knows exact place of engine where it should hit to start the ship and rest very less amount for his physical labor. This shows that the creativity alongwith the experience in the key to success. No matter if your considering hard working or smart working, if you've experience enough and commitment to complete, you can get the success at any cost.


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