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May 10, 2012

Is Traveling Necessary?

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In today’s mechanical life, where time is hard to spend and money is hard to earn, it is but natural, to think, that to go out on a vacation / holiday is not necessary, but, if we just sit back and think for a while that benefits that you reap out of it are immeasurable and can no way be compared in monetary terms.

travelingWondering how? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Firstly, when you to travel to different places, you get exposed to varied cultures, people, their life style, & can experience them in person where you have a chance to learn their positive aspects in and towards life. As a result you broaden your horizons.

Secondly, when you travel, you make new acquaintances, meet more people & share ideas. This way you have a chance of taking your social circle behind the boundaries and who knows which person you meet and which acquaintance you make may bring out positive changes in your professional or personal life. Not only that when you travel along with your family or with your near and dear ones, relationships tend to become strong, because that togetherness gives you a feeling of being secure & close forgetting the differences we have and start cherishing those moments shifting your focus on the positive side.

Living in today’s concrete jungle, we have long forgotten the freshness in air, the fragrance of flowers, when we travel, we spend time in nature enjoying its beauty, breathing in fresh air, this helps in relaxing our body and mind. This way when you spend time in a pollution free environment, you are improving your mental as well as physical health. In fact, most creative and newer thoughts tend to generate, when you are relaxed and feeling fresh, need an example just think of Newton, Apple & Law of Gravity.

In essence traveling gives you innumerable benefits. So go ahead relax, rejuvenate & discover your true self & your hidden talents & capabilities. Have A Great Time.


  1. I think everyone should read this article its really a good one

  2. Yes, really a good article every one should go through this who lives in concrete Jungle and congesting their life space with many unwanted emotions AND should go for Good trip along with family.