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May 21, 2012

Tips for Success in life

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By G. Gayathri 

Success means different things to different people. For some its having lot of money, for others reaching their goals, realizing dreams, name, fame, etc. Everyone has his/her own definition of success. To be successful, first we need to find out our goal, dream and passion. Louis Braille a successful person, he developed a system of embossed dots, to enable the blind to read by touch. Thomas Alva Edison fell sick at a tender age and did not go to school till he was eight. He was self-educated and became a Railroad News Boy at 12, a Telegraph Operator at the age of 16.

He was a dreamer and an extra ordinary person. He became most productive inventor of his times and received over thousand patents for practical applications of scientific principles. He was a successful person. Mahatma Gandhi the great Indian leader was a successful person. His prime priority was to achieve set India free from the British rule and India got her independence on 1947.

These examples are enough to prove us that to be successful we need to have a strong desire and goal, followed by unfailing will and great determination to reach the goal of our life. This shapes even an ordinary person also as a successful person. When our goal is defined, we need to find out the ways and means to achieve them. During this process we are bound to face many obstacles.

At personal level we need to be more disciplined, organized and should prioritise things, should be able to manage, as well as utilise time properly. These things are easy to put in pen and paper; but in practical very hard to follow in life, to do them and live them need great effort and self-control from ones side. During this, we may even taste failure, but we should remember the saying “Failures, are with Heroic Minds, Stepping Stones to Success”. It is certain that every man faces failure on one or the other occasion. In such a case, we should not lose our confidence and be strong. This becomes very easy when you are more focused on achieving your goal and are willing to overcome all the obstacles between you and your goal. Because “Where There is will There is Always a Way”.

As the saying goes “Rome Was Not Built in a Day”. We need to pay price for success, as all successful people did. We have to take risks; we should never be tired of working, until we achieve our goal. Above everything else we need to have strong determination, to be successful in our chosen field. If you have it, the path to success will reveal itself to you.


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