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May 12, 2012

Utilising Time to Realize Dreams

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Time is the most important & valuable resource that everybody possesses. To quote in terms of “GITA” as stated by lord Krishna ‘kalosmi” means “IAM TIME” that is “Time is God itself”, what greater description can one give other than this.


No matter who you are no matter what you do; time is equal of all right from millionaire to the beggar on the street - only 24 hours in a day, that is all about time. But what differentiates them and their life-style is how they “have” utilized their time to get the best result and heading towards success in their life. And punctuality is one of the good habits that success people tend to have.

Each and every minute that you are spending in your life should aim towards shaping your future. You may be learning, earning, building relationships or just spending time doing nothing still, knowingly or unknowingly “YOU ARE INVESTING YOUR TIME” in your efforts. And the results will always alert you about your worthwhile utilization of time.

We all have dreams, aspirations, & goals in life, but only few manage to achieve them, want to know why? It is because, they have
learned to plan, utilize & prioritise their time to realize their goals in life. To plan and to utilise time to achieve what you want in life, we need to write the goals in our life, what you want to achieve, what you want to become etc. Then write down how you are spending your day, doing what? Then compare, is the way you are spending your time, helping you to achieve your goals or not.

If you find that, the way, you are spending your time, is not helping you to realize your dreams or to achieve your goals. Then all that you need to do is, go through your routine again & find out where you are spending your time unnecessarily and then reschedule your routine, so that you find some time everyday, to work to words your goal.

When you start doing this, planning time & utilising time properly, you start having control over your life and you know where you are going; if the path you are taking will lead you towards your goal!
The other way round when you have not planned your time, you never know where you are heading.

So we should be very careful about the way we are spending our time, because anything that we lose in life is not more than the loss of time, because time is life & life is time, when you plan time - you plan life. So start utilising and investing time instead of passing time. “TIME IS LIKE SAND YOU THINK YOU ARE IN GRIP OF IT BUT BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, IT SLIPS OUT OF HANDS”.


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