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May 31, 2012

What Makes a Successful Businessman?

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If we carefully study the lives of great people, the point at which they started their journey, they were just ordinary people like any of us. If at all they had anything that made them exemplary persons / made them build big business empires, it was the dream that they had set in their mind with strong conviction and confidence, that they can become, what they always wanted to be.

Most of the time, majority of the people, either because of the environmental conditions they were brought up, or because of various other factors, they are made to think, that they are not capable of dreaming big or becoming big achievers. But, on the contrary, take examples of the great leaders in any field, let it be business, politics or spirituality, it was the passion that they had towards their dream, that made them successful and great leaders in their respective fields.

Take the example of Tata, Birla, or Ambani. They were ordinary people with extraordinary confidence and faith, in what they believed. To support and achieve that, they had, good character and principled life. Superficial manners business ethics, etiquette there are number of people, organizations and books which can teach you all this. But character, self-confidence, principled life, a clear vision of the purpose of our life and a burning desire to fulfill that dream, all these things we have to acquire.

These qualities are not necessarily inborn; they can be nurtured provided we are wiling to do so. God has blessed each and every human being with the same capability; all that we need is faith in ourselves. Take an example of the tree, we all know that tree originates from the seed, but when you open the seed, you find there is nothing inside but space, yet from that nothing, such a big tree originated. This is the essence of life, from nothing everything comes, and from being no one, we become some one.

It is because of faith, that Swami Vivekananda, with no money in his pocket, could go to America to attend world Religions Conference and voiced his opinion to the world. It was faith that made M. K. Gandhi a Lawyer, into Mahatma Gandhi, it will also be faith, utter faith In ourselves, that will make us one day into “somebody.” Believe in yourself, and in your dreams, and dare to achieve them, there is no one to stop you in the world.


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