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May 1, 2012

Who will be the next President of India?

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By Neelakantha Achary

The question is all over that who will be next president of India republic. Congress party will have set of names to consider, the consent of member of parliaments is vital to decide.

However, the parties and their stand will finally stamp on name for the post of President of India, the highest position in Indian republic. According to some media reports, the former President of India, Dr. A P J Kalam could be the next present, provided getting consent from all the parties in Parliament.

The current macro economic problems, political position, recent election results will also play the vital role in determining the best candidate for the high position election. Majority is the key, no doubt in that, however, it also depends on the ruling party and its stand, as it has maximum number of MPs.

The Left and other regional parties might stand unite to support on particular candidate, which could also be a big factor to decide the next President of India.

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  1. Ashok Row Kavi worked for HIV shold be next president