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Jun 25, 2012

Aamir Khan on Organic Farming

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It has been reported in many news bulletins many times about the side effects of the chemical farming and advantages of organic farmings in India. On Sunday, the episode of Satyamev Jayate was focused on agriculture, farmers and organic farming. It has been the core issue in India and the episode of Satyamev Jayate was quite successful in counting on the advantages of the organic farming in India.

Agriculture has the core sector of Indian economy and its the major sources of the income for most of the people of rural India. The advantages of the organic farming or organic foods are healthy, less expensive and environment friendly. The important thing about organic farming is that it will protect or conserve the land fertility.

And in long-term, it will diversified good impact on the society. One best example was given of Sikkim, the state aimed to be the organic state by 2050. The state has reportedly banned the harming chemical in agriculture, cultivation and started campaign for organic farming. The idea is good about having healthy food as all of us are trying to head a healthy life. So its better have analysis on your food in-take. No matter how much time your spending on your fitness, if your taking chemical or pesticides containing food.

It is also noteworthy that, the revolution for organic foods or farming can't be achieved in few days or months. Rather, the vision should be aimed towards a better and organic foods for the next generation to lead a good and healthy life.

So, eat healthy food and live healthy using organic foods. Jai Hind!


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