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Jun 28, 2012

Gain Everything without Losing Yourself!

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Now a days most our life is gone running after things or money and in accumulating them. All that we are concerned is, how much we have accumulated? But in this process what we are neglecting the most is - what we are losing?

Leading an idle and exemplary life, becoming a man of character is as important and even more important than how much of what we have acquired. There is a normal misconception related to business that only those who go by wrong means will be successful, and those with character and honesty cannot survive. In practical sense, those with character and principles are the ones who have climbed heights in business and in personal life also.

We must always pay attention to what we are becoming, in the process of acquiring what ever, it may be money, things, position etc. We must always indulge in self introspection and keep a check on our own self. If we are becoming a better person day by day along with the progress we are making it's a good thing. If not, at the end of our life when we have accumulated or acquired enough of what ever we have wanted in terms of material things and money, then, if we think for a while about ourselves, there should be a sense of contentment and good feeling about what we have become as a person.

If we have that kind of feeling we can think that our life was useful and complete. But, on the other hand if we are left with a feeling of guilt and ill feelings about ourselves, we can be sure that all our accomplishments, acquisitions and achievements are mere waste. At the end what matters is, "what you have become as a person." So, next time you are evaluating your material progress, make it a point to do self evaluation also. Because, at the core what matters is who you are and what you are as a human being.


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