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Jun 1, 2012

Goal setting Important aspect of business

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If we begin a journey, it is because we have particular destination in our mind and we want to reach there. We asses, as to what are the ways and possible means we have, to reach that destination, how important and urgent it is for us to reach that destination, accordingly we choose the ways and means.

Business is also similar aspect, if we have started a business, we should have a clear vision in our mind as to where we want to see ourselves standing in the market, say five years from now, ten years from now, what is it that we want to achieve through business. It may be money, may be qualitative products, may be position you want to climb up say number one in your field. It varies according to the nature of the business you are in, may be qualitative products are your concern or luxurious products, or more technological advancement, may be better services, it can be any thing.

Goal setting is a very broader aspect; the whole organization structure depends on it. At the highest level, company or organization heads should set the goals, as to what they want to achieve in a given time frame. Then these wider goals need to be broken down to the departmental level with particular specifications about quality and quantity. These departmental goals, when broken down to individual level they get converted into job specifications and job requirements. Once you are finished with the job of goal setting you should see if you are equipped with the necessary skill set, man power or machine power or what ever it may take to achieve them.

Given all these things, you should set short-term goals and long-term goals, and make evaluations on a regular basis to see if you are able to achieve them. This again is at every level, individual, departmental, and if you are able to achieve you set goals according to the time frame you have set, well and good. If you are not able to achieve your set goals, you have to make evaluation as to where you are falling short or lagging behind. What steps you can take to cover those gaps and acquire your set goals.

On the whole, goal is the basis on which everything and any thing you do in business depends. Rest is only a process that you follow, to convert your thought of goal, into reality. With particular set goals, provided means and ways to achieve them, evaluation on a regular basis and necessary corrective steps, you are sure to achieve your specified goal.


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