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Jun 29, 2012

High Achievers in Promotional Products – the Best Innovations in the Industry!

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There’s been plenty of activity in the promotional products industry recently, Have a look through the best of the best to find the perfect answer for your own promotion; or to get some sneak ideas on how to develop future designs for perfect promotional coverage…

1: Touch screen gloves. A unique solution to a problem we never even had a few years ago! Touch screen gloves allow the wearer to operate touch screen electronic devices with a special tip to the fingers – meaning you can stay organised even in the cold and wet! Ideally the index finger and thumb on both glove hands is tipped with a grippy, touch screen responsive material.

2: Motive Votives – the latest in promotional products for bars and restaurants. These little tealight holders, made from frosted glass or plastic, come with a candle included and are ideal for branding with drink types and names. You can even brand menu suggestions for your restaurant on them: try getting your Motive Votives branded with slogans for dessert and see how many romantic candlelit meals upsell in response!

3: A Stormproof umbrella with a powerful LED array in the base of the handle. Means you find your keys and of course the path to your door in the rain, without having to fumble. And because the light is pivoting you can point it at anything easily. Stay safe, stay dry and stay seen.

4: The Anti Bug range of promotional products. It’s a creative array of mugs, coasters and mouse mats – all of which are treated with anti-microbial agents proven to kill 99.9 per cent of harmful bacteria. MRSA, Salmonella and E Coli are all toast when they come into contact with the stuff – making the Anti Bug range perfect for all office branding campaigns. You can direct your campaign in a health specific way, or use the anti-microbial properties of the products as an added selling point in your promotional information.

5: The Smart Touch Elite. Basically a rollerball pen and sensitive touch screen tool in one, the Smart Touch Elite makes operating a touch screen device much more fluid and precise. In addition the Smart Touch Elite features a roller ball pen for note making and may be branded in one or two colours.

The promotional products that make it onto this list are the ones that show a combination of timeliness and innovation. When you’re creating your next promotion, remember to check it out and see what’s on it.

And remember, too, that you can sometimes achieve the best promotional results by selecting products that plug into the times, rather than products specifically emblematic of your own industry or company. A Touch Screen Elite, for instance, is useful to a huge number of potential customers and clients – so giving one away with your branding on it can be invaluable no matter what you do.

About Author: Kristina Louis is a freelance content writer by profession.She writes article on behalf of promotional products.


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