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Jun 3, 2012

Human Resource a Core Aspect of Business

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It is human resource the most important aspect of any business. The success and growth of any organization depends on its human resource. Attitude should be the most determining factor, while recruiting people. Sufficient care should be taken to see if individual’s attitude, goals and aspirations match with that of the organization goals.

Every individual has some aspirations and goals in life, and he joins an organization to fulfill his goals, each individuals concerns are different, for some it is gaining experience and work exposure that is more important, for some money is the primary concern, for some it is hike in the position or growth that is more important, it all depends on the individual.

Organizations prime concern to look for while recruiting an employee should be, to find out, if he meets the job requirement, (age, work experience, his skills, may be technical or others). Right candidate for right job.
What is his motive behind joining the particular organization? And most important factor, what is his attitude towards his job? If individual’s goals coincide with that of organizations, and his attitude is positive towards his job and organization, then the person will definitely contribute towards organizations growth.

The organization or the employer should also make it clear to the employee as to how is job performance is directly linked with his growth. How and on what basis his performance evaluation will be done and what is he expected to deliver.

Growth of the individual and growth of the organization are always interlinked aspects. When an individual thinks of the organizations goals as his own, and goes out of his way to achieve them, the organization will definitely take care of his personal growth. Because such persons are assets to the organization and no one likes to loose them. The other way round if the organization takes care of the individuals concerns and sees that he grows with the organization, the individual will show more commitment towards his work and organization.

The organizations job is not over by recruiting a person. There should be proper training programme scheduled, to improve his skills as per the job requirement, then any assistance or counselling should be done as he continues his work to know if his facing any problems, while carrying on his responsibilities. If these aspects are taken care by the employer or the organization. Then definitely the organization will grow and the employee will also grow.


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