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Jun 14, 2012

Luck Factor in Business?

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There are many people who believe that luck is an important factor to come up in life or especially in business. Frequently, we hear people saying he is very lucky, with in a short span he has come up in business or over night he has become successful, is it really true? Well, what is important is, what they have done to become successful or climb greater heights in business that others have not done? There may be many reasons.

The problem with most people's attitude is that, we always easily believe in overnight success or look for shortcuts to climb greater heights in business. But reality is quiet different, behind every person who is successful in business is hard work and skill in his chosen field and above all this, unfailing will and passion to be successful. This is the factor that dictates the success of any business.

The attitude of the person who carries on the business is the factor that determines the success or failure of the business. Usually what every one sees, or notices is the success that a person achieves. But, what people don't observe are the factors that have contributed for his success. There are numerous factors that determine a person's success.

In any field to be successful, one needs skill in his chosen field and persistence to achieve whatever goals he has set for himself. Definitely needed is hard work, combined with patience to achieve the desired results. Most of the people, also face failures in the process, but successful people do proper evaluation, as to where they went wrong, and pursue their goal with even more determination and passion than before. But people who lack faith and a positive attitude tend to get depressed and start to wind up their business.

This kind of attitude is common everywhere, and in any field. Take for example students, two people in the same class studying with the same professor, achieve different grades one may be the topper where as other may be poor performer. What is the difference again, level of passion and persistence. Two persons with the same kind of experience and knowledge may start the same business at the same time but one becomes successful and other not. What is the reason, is it mere luck? Or the variation in their attitude?

To be successful in the business what is necessary is skill and persistence. Even if these things are not there one can be very successful in business provided he has the positive attitude. Because a person may have skill, knowledge, experience and every thing that is needed to develop a good business, but, if he does not have the positive attitude then he will not be successful. On the contrary a person may have no skills and nothing to build a successful business, he may be the next person on the street, but if he has positive attitude and is passionate about his work, and works continuously till he achieves success. He will be an example for others.

So, these are the factors that make a successful person into a lucky person. I you want to be a lucky person all that you need to do is cultivate positive and growth oriented habits. And one day you will also be a lucky person.


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