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Jun 12, 2012

Planning is Prosperity in Business

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Right from the time the thought of starting a business establishment or an organization starts, the planning process also starts. To establish an organization, depending on the nature of the business, there are so many factors the need to be considered. Capital, manpower, machine power, the place where you want to start the organization, what are the infrastructural facilities that you need? How will be the organization chart? How many departments will be operating? How many number of employees will work? What will be organizations policies? There are numerous other factors that involve planning.

Said and done all these things, this will just be the beginning phase of the planning right from framing organization policies, defining qualitative and quantitative parameters, in everything and everywhere you need planning, what will be the nature of the job of each and every personnel in the organization, on what basis performance evaluation will be done, what will be the growth chart. How to set the goals for the organization and for the individuals? Planning is the backbone of all the activities of the organization. How you carry on each and every task in the organization, what will be the time frame, quality, what will be the responsibilities of each person?

Every thing has to be planned the bigger the size of the organization the greater will be task of the planning. Planning as per the level it is carried on, and as per the organizations policies, and necessity, involves various people. It is not necessary that only one person should always plan the things out, on the contrary not every thing is planned discussing with everybody. At the beginning planning is done at the highest level of the organization, which will define all the activities of the organization.These are again broken down to departmental level and individual levels.

The whole organizations growth and progress depends on the planning capabilities of the personnel involved. If care is taken that each and every aspect of the organization that is crucial to the progress of the organization is taken care of properly, properly planned, and all that is properly planned is properly executed, no one can stop the growth of the organization.

To put in short, planning is necessary for establishing, and running the organization smoothly, on the right track. And it is only planning aspect that determines the growth of the organization. If the persons involved in each and every stage and level of planning are experienced and skilled in their respective areas, then planning will be proper and growth will be guaranteed. So, proper planning is the tool that determines organizations prosperity.


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