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Jul 29, 2012

6 Tips for Great Relationships

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The way we lead our life is determined by the way, we take care of our relationships with people and the way we handle our relations with them. There are a few simple guidelines that help us to build great relationships at work, and in other areas of our lives. Check out  these six tips for great relationship.

Speak positive: Always create and spread positive and encouraging atmosphere through your words, it is mere words that are responsible for breaking or making a relationship. Always try to speak good and positive about any one and anything. There are both sides of everything and every person, so make it your habit to look at the better side; this is a great tool for good relations.

Be on time: When ever either you give your valuable time to others or you take others time, keep up your words and make it a point that you are there at the given time. People who know the value of relationships know how to value time also.

Speak less and listen more: Everyone is more interested in himself, rather all the things in the world. Make it a point, that you talk less about yourself and know more about the other person. This is the best way to build great relations.

Show interest in other person: The other person always knows if you mean to keep a business relation or you are genuinely interested in the other person. Be genuinely interested to listen to people, this sends them a positive sign that you mean to them and they reciprocate. So to have a great relationship it is equally necessary to be genuinely interested in persons.

Smile please: Smile, is like a door you open for the other person, to come to you, it is a welcome sign on the face. People feel better talking to a person, who is smiling. It makes the situation lighter and better. So if you are keen on relationships, make it a point, that you make it your habit to smile, a genuine smile.

Promise less and deliver more: Never make promises that you cannot keep up, instead, be frank enough to let know the other person know, what you are genuinely capable of doing, and delivering. Always remember, that, your work speaks more, and better, about you, than your words do. To have a great relation, always, talk less and do more.

These few aspects if paid attention to can lead to greater and long lasting relationships.


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