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Jul 8, 2012

Add Life to Your Years

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Most of us spend our life’s valuable time, as if we are living in trans. We don’t wake up to the reality of life, until we are lying on the death bed. Then in our last moments we regret enough, and really wonder! What we have been doing all our life? All our life we slog like anything just to accumulate all that we want, and we are not sure also, as to, if we will be alive to enjoy all that. There is nothing wrong in planning for a better tomorrow for ourselves, and for those who are dependent on us, but the most important fact is that, in our preparation for better tomorrow, we are forgetting to live today, plan for tomorrow but live for today.

The essence of the life is, here and now, and that is how we should be leading our life. Living every moment, cherishing and enjoying life’s hidden treasures, and sharing them with our fellow beings. Life is meant to be lived completely, in every sense. They say that every human being has a purpose behind his birth, and when we know that purpose and spend our life’s years fulfilling that purpose; we can think our life to be complete. There is no purpose in living just for ourselves, the bare minimum thing that we can do is to live in such a way that our life leaves a positive impact on others and helps them to love their life.

We don’t need to do charities and start NGOs to lift our fellow beings, there are little things that we can do in our day-to-day life, that will leave a lasting and positive effect on the people we interact with. Greeting person with a smile, talking positive and encouraging words. Standing there for a person in difficult times, to whatever extent we can. And leaving every person we meet better, are the few small things we can do to make our life, and the life of those we live with, better and purposeful. Life is the most valuable resource we have, to live each moment as if were our last is the way we are supposed to live. How we would live our life we know that this will be our last breath, we want to be and do good, be happy and keep those around us happy, live each moment like that. Each of us are adding years to our life, but lean back for a while, and think, are you adding life to your years? Because life is meant, to be lived with life, and full of life.


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